Black Smokey Eye Tutorial ðŸŒŒ

Hi everyone!! ❤️❤️

First of all, apologies if my posting is a bit erratic!  It might be a bit on and off for the next few weeks as I have exams soon.  Hope you understand 😊

All that aside, I’m so excited about todays post!!  I’ve been wanting to do a dark, black smokey eye look for ages but haven’t been brave enough but today I thought, sod it!  Let’s DO THIS! 

Doing a smokey eye can be extremely scary and can take ages.  People tend to give up at the ‘bruised look’ stage but fear not!  I hope I can do this a bit of justice 🙈

The palette I used is by w7 and it’s called ‘in the buff’.  This is actually a very pigmented palette for the price (I believe I got this for around £5) and the texture of the shadows is sooo creamy and they blend like a dream!  (Plus I think it’s a dupe for the naked 2 palette!)

w7 in the buff palette

So, let’s get right into it!

I first primed my lids using a dab of concealer.


I then took a light brown colour and used it as my transition shade.  I placed it in my crease and used windshield wiper motions using a fluffy blending brush.


This next colour is completely optional but I took a RED eyeshadow and also popped it in to my crease making sure to buff out any harsh lines.  I’ve always liked how red looks with a smokey eye 😍 but you can stick to a brown if you want!


Next is the scary bit.  The part where it can all go wrong.  The BLACK.  I place it on my lid from corner to corner and they key is not to go past that crease colour.


Once I have the black on, I went in with a clean blending brush and started to really blend the black in to the red.


Patience is key here.  I promise you, as long as you keep blending it will all come together!   You can go in with more black and even deepen up that crease colour.


As you can see, it’s starting to come together!


Once you’re happy with how it’s looking, go in with the final touches.  I added a inner corner highlight and a matte browbone highlight.


Also, don’t forget to balance out the bottom lash line!  I added the same colour palette I used on the top lid and I take the dark colour about halfway making sure to really buff it in.


To make it extra glam, you can add some glitter on top of the black!  Perfect for a christmas party! 


Add some mascara, liner and even falsies and we’re done! (Don’t you just hate it when mascara doesn’t show up on camera?! I promise I put some on 😂)


This is just in some different lighting.  As you can see, it got scary in some places but after a lot of blending I think we did ok right?! 😃

Let’s put it all together with a little pictorial!

black smokey eye

And there we have it!  A black smokey eye with red undertones!  The key is to blend, blend, blend.  Blend till your arms drop off 😫

I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  What do you make of these tutorials by the way?  Are they clear enough? Any improvements? 😊 please let me know!  And I’d love to know if anyone tries this!!

If you have any tutorial requests please leave a comment 😊 I’d be happy to do it! 😘

Hope you all have a fab christmas holiday!! 

ibeautytalk ❤️❤️


Bonfire Night Inspired Rainbow Eyeliner â¤ï¸ðŸ’›ðŸ’šðŸ’™ðŸ’œ

Hi there lovely people!

I can’t believe it’s already November!!  Time absolutely flies by and I don’t like it haha!  ðŸ˜£

As you know it was November 5th yesterday.  Bonfire night!!  I absolutely love watching fireworks and seeing all the different colours (even though it was chucking it down 🎆).  I thought I’d do a fun and vibrant rainbow eyeliner tutorial for you guys!  I think it’s very wearable and glam!

Rainbow eyeliner tutorial

For this tutorial I used my trusty BH cosmetics day and night palette due to the wide range of vibrant colours!

BH cosmetics day and night palette

💥 I first primed my eyelids so that the colours would look more vibrant.  I also used some water on my brushes to make sure the colours were really pigmented (as a few colours in this palette aren’t extremely pigmented).

💥 Next, I did some winged eyeliner with the kiko ultimate pen long wear eyeliner.  It doesn’t have to be winged.  I just thought it was a nice effect 😊 (if you’d like to see a winged eyeliner tutorial let me know!)

Kiko ultimate pen long wear eyeliner

💥 Next comes the slightly tricky bit. Adding all the colours.  Take a very small detailer brush to do this part.
Wet your brush a bit and take each respective colour.  It doesn’t have to be rainbow either!! You could do different shades of green or blue and build a gradient.  Have fun with it!

Apply the colour above the eyeliner in small strokes.  A small square is sufficient for each colour. Keep going until you reach the wing and slightly wing out the last colour you use.

Rainbow Eyeliner

If you do get eyeshadow over your eyeliner don’t worry about it!  We can over the eyeliner again and sharpen it up.  If you smudge anything simple take a q tip and some makeup remover and wipe away.

Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

If you struggle with eyeliner, you can buy eyeliner guides these days!  Simple apply the stencil to where you want to apply your eyeliner and fill in.  Remember, practice makes perfect!  It’s just eyeliner.  You can remove it and start again in no time 😊

To complete the look, I added some lovely green eyeshadow to my bottom lash line making sure to blend it.  You can also add a highlight to your inner corner and brow bone to add an extra dimension.

Finish off with mascara and voilà!!  A gorgeous, fun and vibrant look that believe it or not, is extremely wearable!

Rainbow Eyeliner

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope some of are brave enough to try it out!!  Let me know if you do.  I would love to see your versions!!  Remember to have fun with it!

If you want to see a specific tutorial etc please let me know ❤️❤️

Hope you had a wonderful Bonfire Night.  Stay safe guys!!

ibeautytalk xxx