⭐️ L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation Review…

Hey lovelies!

Hope everyone is fine and dandy! ❤️

I’m slowly getting back into a normal blogging routine as I seem to have a lot of time of my hands lately (dissertation? What dissertation?! 🌚😏)

Today, I finally wanted to bring you a review on the L’Oreal true match foundation!  This foundation seems to have been around for a while now and everyone always raves on about it!  Let’s see what I think…

L’Oreal true match foundation W4

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging.  It’s an attractive looking glass bottle which makes picking shades out so much easier (unlike L’Oreal infallible pro-matte 😔).  The bottle has a pump which dispenses a decent amount of foundation in a controlled way (unlike MAC’s prolongwear concealer…ladies, who knows what I’m talking about?).

The foundation has an spf of 17 which is always a nice bonus!  It also claims to:

⭐️ Perfectly match your skin tone

⭐️ Smoothen out and make your skin look healthier in two weeks

⭐️ Give a natural finish

The foundation comes in a FABULOUS array of shades.  I love the fact that L’Oreal do a good range of yellow/golden toned foundations (usually when I buy a drugstore foundation, it looks very pink/orange on me). 

 I chose the shade W4- Golden Natural (for reference, I am around a nc35-37 in MAC).


The consistency of the foundation is quite runny, and it gives a light to medium coverage which is buildable.

I had high hopes for this foundation but boy oh boy was I let down 😫

As you know, I have extremely oily skin so am always a bit iffy with foundations.  This one claimed to have good oil control and was oil free and non comedogenic (I still like a nice ‘glowy’ look though).

The first few days I used this foundation, I liked it.  It gave a lovely natural, sheer finish, blended pretty easily and my face looked radiant.  However, I didn’t wear it for long (probably 2-3 hours) so I couldn’t really tell if it was good for oily skin.

The real test was when I wore this to a wedding (early morning to late night) for a couple of days.  I applied my smashbox primer, applied about 2-3 pumps of foundation and set it with some powder.  Jolly good…

HOLY COW GUYS.  You should have seen my face after around the 4 hour mark.  I was a hot mess!  My oils were seeping through, the foundation had broken down where I get most oily in the worst possible way and it had oxidised slightly to a orange colour.  It was shocking (and no one even told me 😭 maybe they were trying to be nice?! 😂)

I ran to the bathrooms, and just had to wipe it off.  My natural skin looked better than with the foundation to be completely honest 😭

I also didn’t find it very comfortable to wear.  I felt greasy and could ‘feel’ the foundation on my face after a while.

I’m not saying this foundation is rubbish.  If I was to wear this again, I would only wear it on a day when I was indoors, no running about, for a short period of time. For a long day, no way.  Disastrous 😩

So, to my oily skinned ladies, if you’re looking for a long lasting, oil controlling foundation, this one is not it unfortunately (in my opinion anyway).  For my normal to dry skinned ladies, I think this would be amazing for you guys!  You get a glowy, flawless finish! 🌞

It’s so hard finding a foundation that can control oil.  Do you remember my post asking you guys for help?

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Revlon Colourstay foundation for oily skin or Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation (L’Oreal infallible didn’t have any shades that matched me 😔 the UK stocks very limited shades which is annoying!)

Just remember, everyone is different.  What didn’t work for me might just end up working for you.  It’s all trial and error ❤️

That concludes my review of this foundation!  I hope you found this helpful!

Does anyone else use this foundation?  I’d love to hear your opinions on it!

Have a lovely day guys and until next time!

ibeautytalk 🍒


51 thoughts on “⭐️ L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation Review…

  1. stashmatters says:

    Every time I see this product reviewed by someone outside of North America, I get super jealous because you have a PUMP on yours!!!
    I used this years ago and liked it – I don’t have oily skin but I did remember that it wasn’t very long wearing. Sorry it didn’t work for you! And I refuse to repurchase this until they change the packaging here. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    • ibeautytalk says:

      Oh yes you guys have the one without the pump!! That must be very wasteful sometimes huh? 😦
      Hopefully they’ll bring a version with a pump (I really don’t understand why they make foundations without a pump to be honest haha! Nars make you pay extra for a pump! The cheek! 😤). Thanks for reading honey! 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chanelle says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get on with this 😦 I’ve read so many posts from bloggers who love this product but I’ve always been put off buying it because of the price tag over here. I’d rather pay a little bit less than splurge on a product that may not be right for me.

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  3. Beautifully Imperfect says:

    Can I ask your opinion on what foundation, affordable that would be best for me..I’m dry/mature, large pores. I’ve tried the fit me matte n poreles, revlon colorstay, IT bye bye foundation, dr brandt bb cream, mac studio fix, the outlast one..these are all raved about bit on me, I still have pores showing and look dry/cakey. I’ve also tried all these with quite a few really good primers from porefessional to hundred dollar primers so its mainly foundation I’m having a problem getting right. I don’t care if in matte or dewy….just want FULL, flawless coverage without the caked/dry look. So far, what’s looked best on me was the dr brandt, revlon and IT but still none have done what I need. I even went further and got airbrush makeup …no cake face, but not the coverage I’m looking for. I hear allot good about mac…bit even w that, my pores showed. I need help. 😦 I love your posts and trust in your opinion

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    • ibeautytalk says:

      Hi sweetie! I’d love to give you my opinion! 🙂
      Dry skin with large pores is a complicated one and many foundation brands tend to ignore this category and assumes large pores are selective only to oily skin (the foundations can cling to dry patches and look awfully cakey).
      First of all, keep applying primer (silicone based ones are best for large pores) and also try to exfoliate or use a pore shrinking mask once a week which provides a smooth canvas to apply foundation to.
      As for foundation recommendations, i have a couple. I am not sure what your exact budget is but I’ll try to keep them as affordable as possible! 🙂

      -Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, a foundation, concealer and primer in one! Good coverage and blends nicely

      -my personal favourite is bourjois healthy mix foundation! (I dont know if bourjois is available where you are?!). This is a very light yet highly pigmented foundation, and keeps your skin very hydrated and also minimises pores and wrinkles! Good shade selection

      -Bourjois Air Mat foundation is another good one, good coverage, matte, yet doesnt look cakey or make your face look ‘hairy’

      – A slightly more expensive option but which is totally worth it is Tarte’s amazonian clay foundation! Very full coverage yet blendable and its also oil free so good for the pores. Have heard nothinf but positive things about this one 🙂

      -Too faced born this way foundation is great for dry skin with an amazing shade range. Very creamy and blendable with flawless coverage, again, won’t accentuate pores.

      -Finally, mineral makeup can be great for large pores! The foundations provide a very natural, full coverage whilst minimising pores! Bare minerals is a good brand!

      I really hope I’ve helped in some way honey! Any other questions and please don’t hesitate to ask! Remember, what works for someone else may unfortunately not work for you. It really is trial and error.
      Good luck in your search and thanks for commenting! 🔥


    • ibeautytalk says:

      I think my skin tone is a tad darker than yourself but still very yellow!
      I honestly wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin. I saw your review on loreals infallible and definitely want to try that!!! It looks AMAZEBALLS! 😍
      Thank you so much for reading doll! 😘😘


      • Forever Emily's Blog says:

        I’ve tried they’re infallible foundation and honestly i hated it! It appeared cakey on my skin and stuck to the dry patches on my eyebrow area (and as I pluck them it gets quite flakey /:) I currently only wear Rimmels Wake Me Up Concealer, but I have been loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation with some Rimmel Stay Matte Powder on top. Gives off a nice glow and i find the staying power is pretty darn good! Have you tried it out? xo

        Liked by 1 person

      • ibeautytalk says:

        Oh really! Youre probably one of very few people that ive heard have had a bad experience with infallible! Ill take your word for it as i have dry patches on the side of my nose 🙂 I have the bourjois healthy mix and it does give a nice glow! However I find it slips off my face after literally 2 hours 😦 at the moment im just using macs studio finish concealer on any blemishes and avoiding foundation 😊 but i definitely need to find a good summer one soon as im graduating in a few months! Need some good staying power 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Forever Emily's Blog says:

        I wear it with a primer underneath which probably helps with the staying power, as well as spraying some fixing spray all over my face 😛 …Macs a bit on the pricey side for me, I’m definitely a drug store girl 😉 But if you find a decent one, especially for summer, let me know?! I could be swayed 😛 Congrats on your upcoming Graduation 🙂 That’s exciting xo

        Liked by 1 person

    • ibeautytalk says:

      Thanks for reading hun! Yes I agree! I also found when I tried to build it up for more coverage it turned really cakey 😦 my new bourjois healthy mix foundation is treating me really well 😉 i plan to buy the makeup forever ultra hd foundation soon. Hopefully it will last on my oily skin 🙂


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