Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray Review 🌿

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How is everyone today?  I bet you’re looking forward to the weekend?!  I certainly am 🌹

Now, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of this brand taking the makeup world by storm… Makeup Revolution! 😍

I’ve been obsessed with their products!  It’s so hard to believe that their products are so damn cheap because they are such good quality!

I will talk about some of the products I have tried and loved later on but today I wanted to review their oil control fixing spray!

In the past I haven’t really been too fussed if I used a setting spray or not (bad idea considering how oily I get) but then I saw loads of people using them so I thought it’s time for me to give it a go too! 

Since I haven’t used one before I thought I’d look for a cheaper alternative to say, the urban decay setting spray, just in case I didn’t like it.

I saw a blogger rave about the makeup revolution oil control setting spray so I just had to give it a go and at £5 a pop for 100ml, it wasn’t breaking the bank 🍃

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray


The packaging is nice and robust in an aerosol plastic bottle.  I love the white and gold colour scheme.  The nozzle distributes a nice mist of product but to be honest I wish it was a finer mist.  After applying I can see droplets on my face, but it’s not too big of a deal as it does disappear.

As for the smell, there is a slight whiff of alcohol but nothing too pungent.  I have been using this everyday for the past month, so what do I make of it?

I must say, it has helped with oil control but it is not some sort of miracle product where your oils completely disappear.  My natural oils still come through but there’s definitely a prolongation in how long that takes to happen compared to without the spray (around the 4 hour mark).

I also love how my makeup looks seamless and blended without any cakiness or breaking up of foundation/concealer (which is a big issue for me normally)!

I think in future to get even more long lasting wear time of my makeup, I will spray some on my face before my makeup as well as after… like a setting spray sandwich! 😂

Overall, I would recommend this product.  It’s very budget friendly and does a decent job at oil control (keep in my mind I’m an oil machine so for the average person this may actually be really amazing!)

This product does contain alcohol which I was a bit iffy about but it hasn’t dried my skin out or irritated it, but if you are dry/sensitive I’d be a bit cautious before buying if you have problems with alcohol on the skin 😊

That concludes my little review about this setting spray!  I hope you guys found it helpful!

Do you use a setting spray?  If so, which one?  Would you recommend it for oily skin?

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask!  

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⭐️ L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation Review…

Hey lovelies!

Hope everyone is fine and dandy! ❤️

I’m slowly getting back into a normal blogging routine as I seem to have a lot of time of my hands lately (dissertation? What dissertation?! 🌚😏)

Today, I finally wanted to bring you a review on the L’Oreal true match foundation!  This foundation seems to have been around for a while now and everyone always raves on about it!  Let’s see what I think…

L’Oreal true match foundation W4

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging.  It’s an attractive looking glass bottle which makes picking shades out so much easier (unlike L’Oreal infallible pro-matte 😔).  The bottle has a pump which dispenses a decent amount of foundation in a controlled way (unlike MAC’s prolongwear concealer…ladies, who knows what I’m talking about?).

The foundation has an spf of 17 which is always a nice bonus!  It also claims to:

⭐️ Perfectly match your skin tone

⭐️ Smoothen out and make your skin look healthier in two weeks

⭐️ Give a natural finish

The foundation comes in a FABULOUS array of shades.  I love the fact that L’Oreal do a good range of yellow/golden toned foundations (usually when I buy a drugstore foundation, it looks very pink/orange on me). 

 I chose the shade W4- Golden Natural (for reference, I am around a nc35-37 in MAC).


The consistency of the foundation is quite runny, and it gives a light to medium coverage which is buildable.

I had high hopes for this foundation but boy oh boy was I let down 😫

As you know, I have extremely oily skin so am always a bit iffy with foundations.  This one claimed to have good oil control and was oil free and non comedogenic (I still like a nice ‘glowy’ look though).

The first few days I used this foundation, I liked it.  It gave a lovely natural, sheer finish, blended pretty easily and my face looked radiant.  However, I didn’t wear it for long (probably 2-3 hours) so I couldn’t really tell if it was good for oily skin.

The real test was when I wore this to a wedding (early morning to late night) for a couple of days.  I applied my smashbox primer, applied about 2-3 pumps of foundation and set it with some powder.  Jolly good…

HOLY COW GUYS.  You should have seen my face after around the 4 hour mark.  I was a hot mess!  My oils were seeping through, the foundation had broken down where I get most oily in the worst possible way and it had oxidised slightly to a orange colour.  It was shocking (and no one even told me 😭 maybe they were trying to be nice?! 😂)

I ran to the bathrooms, and just had to wipe it off.  My natural skin looked better than with the foundation to be completely honest 😭

I also didn’t find it very comfortable to wear.  I felt greasy and could ‘feel’ the foundation on my face after a while.

I’m not saying this foundation is rubbish.  If I was to wear this again, I would only wear it on a day when I was indoors, no running about, for a short period of time. For a long day, no way.  Disastrous 😩

So, to my oily skinned ladies, if you’re looking for a long lasting, oil controlling foundation, this one is not it unfortunately (in my opinion anyway).  For my normal to dry skinned ladies, I think this would be amazing for you guys!  You get a glowy, flawless finish! 🌞

It’s so hard finding a foundation that can control oil.  Do you remember my post asking you guys for help?

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Revlon Colourstay foundation for oily skin or Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation (L’Oreal infallible didn’t have any shades that matched me 😔 the UK stocks very limited shades which is annoying!)

Just remember, everyone is different.  What didn’t work for me might just end up working for you.  It’s all trial and error ❤️

That concludes my review of this foundation!  I hope you found this helpful!

Does anyone else use this foundation?  I’d love to hear your opinions on it!

Have a lovely day guys and until next time!

ibeautytalk 🍒