Black Smokey Eye Tutorial πŸŒŒ

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First of all, apologies if my posting is a bit erratic!  It might be a bit on and off for the next few weeks as I have exams soon.  Hope you understand 😊

All that aside, I’m so excited about todays post!!  I’ve been wanting to do a dark, black smokey eye look for ages but haven’t been brave enough but today I thought, sod it!  Let’s DO THIS! 

Doing a smokey eye can be extremely scary and can take ages.  People tend to give up at the ‘bruised look’ stage but fear not!  I hope I can do this a bit of justice πŸ™ˆ

The palette I used is by w7 and it’s called ‘in the buff’.  This is actually a very pigmented palette for the price (I believe I got this for around Β£5) and the texture of the shadows is sooo creamy and they blend like a dream!  (Plus I think it’s a dupe for the naked 2 palette!)

w7 in the buff palette

So, let’s get right into it!

I first primed my lids using a dab of concealer.


I then took a light brown colour and used it as my transition shade.  I placed it in my crease and used windshield wiper motions using a fluffy blending brush.


This next colour is completely optional but I took a RED eyeshadow and also popped it in to my crease making sure to buff out any harsh lines.  I’ve always liked how red looks with a smokey eye 😍 but you can stick to a brown if you want!


Next is the scary bit.  The part where it can all go wrong.  The BLACK.  I place it on my lid from corner to corner and they key is not to go past that crease colour.


Once I have the black on, I went in with a clean blending brush and started to really blend the black in to the red.


Patience is key here.  I promise you, as long as you keep blending it will all come together!   You can go in with more black and even deepen up that crease colour.


As you can see, it’s starting to come together!


Once you’re happy with how it’s looking, go in with the final touches.  I added a inner corner highlight and a matte browbone highlight.


Also, don’t forget to balance out the bottom lash line!  I added the same colour palette I used on the top lid and I take the dark colour about halfway making sure to really buff it in.


To make it extra glam, you can add some glitter on top of the black!  Perfect for a christmas party! 


Add some mascara, liner and even falsies and we’re done! (Don’t you just hate it when mascara doesn’t show up on camera?! I promise I put some on πŸ˜‚)


This is just in some different lighting.  As you can see, it got scary in some places but after a lot of blending I think we did ok right?! πŸ˜ƒ

Let’s put it all together with a little pictorial!

black smokey eye

And there we have it!  A black smokey eye with red undertones!  The key is to blend, blend, blend.  Blend till your arms drop off 😫

I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  What do you make of these tutorials by the way?  Are they clear enough? Any improvements? 😊 please let me know!  And I’d love to know if anyone tries this!!

If you have any tutorial requests please leave a comment 😊 I’d be happy to do it! 😘

Hope you all have a fab christmas holiday!! 

ibeautytalk ❀️❀️


Lush Fresh Face Masks Review β€οΈ

Helloooo lovelies! ❀️

Sorry for the late post!  I’ve been so busy trying to get my life together these past couple of weeks (the stresses of final year and trying to still have a social life haha)! 😩

Anyway. Hope you’re all doing awesome.  Who’s excited for christmas?!  I hope we have a white one this year! πŸ˜β„οΈ

Today, I wanted to do a quick review on some Lush face masks I have been using these past two weeks or so!

Some of you will know how much I ADORE Lush face masks 😍 they feel so luxurious on the face, not to mention they smell amazing (catastrophe cosmetic, cupcake & oatfix just to name a few!).  They are perfect for a girly night in ❀️

The two masks I have been using these past few weeks are ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ and ‘Don’t look at me’.

Let’s start with ‘Don’t look at me’! 

Don’t look at me fresh face mask

This is a vivid blue gloop that is hard to miss!  I loved the smell of this mask.  It was a very citrussy, zingy smell (due to the fresh lemon juice inside πŸ‹) and left me feeling so refreshed!  Other ingredients include Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities, ground rice which is the PERFECT exfoliator for me in terms of how gentle yet effective it is, and murumuru butter to moisturise!

This is quite an easy mask to apply unlike some masks from Lush (Achem oatfix) and left me looking like a smurf!  Safe to say I scared a few people whilst walking around with this on πŸ˜‚.  I left this on for about 15 mins and it does tighten ever so slightly due to the kaolin clay.  When I went to wash it off, I scrubbed gently in circular motions to help exfoliate my skin.

This mask left my face looking so BRIGHT and GLOWY! 😍  I love the fact it’s a mask and scrub all in one!  

However, one thing I was a bit disappointed by was the fact it didn’t help much with marks and scars.  I would have expected the lemon juice to help slightly.  But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use it again!  I think a longer use would help with any scarring. 😊 I would definitely buy this mask again!  Fun to use with effective results! ❀️

The next mask I purchased was ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ (possibly my all time favourite after Brazened Honey!).

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask

First of all, let’s talk about the scent!  THIS IS AMAZING!  It smells of fresh blueberries with a slight powdery scent! Love love love ❀️❀️❀️ 

This mask contains fresh blueberries and chamomile blue oil which are packed with anti-oxidants to calm and heal the skin, perfect for them pesky breakouts and sensitive skin!

This is also a blue coloured mask, albeit not as vivid as the previous mask mentioned πŸ˜‚

This is quite a thick mask and is a tiny more difficult to apply than don’t look at me.  I left it on till it started to crumble slightly (it can get very crumbly if you leave it on too long).

When I went to wash this off, I noticed that it wasn’t much of an exfoliator but that didn’t bother me.  This feels like VELVET when you wash it off 😍😍 so powdery and smooth (a bit messy though).

I noticed that after washing, my face looked very even toned and any redness I had around the t-zone was gone!  So this mask does work!  I felt refreshed and calm πŸ’ͺ

One thing I HATE about the fresh face masks are the expiry dates!  I had to use both these masks within 2 weeks so I would recommend applying a very generous amount (they seem to take ages to finish which doesn’t help haha!), but I understand that they are freshly made.  Better safe than sorry.

I would highly recommend these masks to everyone!  They have something for all skin types! They would also be perfect for a girls night in! 😍 so luxurious and they smell amazing! *squeals*

I hope you enjoyed this review!  If anyone has some other fresh face mask recommendations, please let me know!  I’d love to try them out! 

Hope you all have a lovely day!  Love you guys!

ibeautytalk ❀️

Bettes Handmade Organic Skincare Review πŸŒΏ

Goood evening lovely people! 🌹

Hope you’re all well ❀️

It’s December!!! 😱 Is it just me or has this year absolutely flown by?!  I wish I could rewind time sometimes and go back to certain periods of my life ☺️ But Onwards and Upwards! πŸ’ƒπŸ» 

Today I wanted to review some amazing handmade skincare sent to me by a lovely lady named Mette!  Honestly, she is such a kind lady with so much talent ☺️  

Mette makes her own organic skincare with no nasty chemicals (heaven for me!) and uses herbs from her own back garden! How amazing is that?!  The skincare range is packed with ingrediens to calm and heal the skin in higher concentrations than what you would find in conventional skincare which makes them much more effective! 

Bettes handmade organic skincare

I was sent a lovely package with 3 of her skincare items inside namely:

🌹 Luminous Face Scrub

🌹 Beauty Serum

🌹 Beauty Cream

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging!  It is extremely sturdy yet simple and oozes sophistication and quality.  I believe the two jars are glass and the beauty serum seems like it is in a metal packaging. 

The first item I tried was the luminous scrub! 


Bettes luminous face scrub 60ml


This scrub is such a beautiful vibrant colour!  It is packed with carrot oil and vitamin E and brown cane sugar!  I use this once a week as this is a PROPER scrub.  It will slough off them dead skin cells with ease.  I like to take some with the spatula provided (handy!) and massage it into my face with soft circular motions.  The sugar melts away and I use that as an indication as to when to wash it off 🌿

I kid you not, my skin was SO soft and moisturised after using this that I almost had the urge not to moisturise haha!  Usually, scrubs leave me dry and red but not this one.  My skin was glowing and felt revitalised!  This scrub would be amazing for all skin types in my opinion!  A real luxurious product 😍😍

After the scrub, I applied the beauty serum!


Bettes beauty serum 30ml

Now this serum had an ingredient I wasn’t very familiar with!  Sea Buckthorn Oil.  So, I went and did some research on it!  Apparently, it’s great for healing the skin and also has an anti-ageing effect! 

I used about 3 small drops for my whole face.  This was very surprising as I was expecting it to be very greasy due to the coconut oil!  I was very wrong!  This absorbed in to my skin so fast and there wasn’t a trace of greasiness at all (fab news for my oily skin!).  At this point I was constantly touching my face because it was as soft as a babes bottom! πŸ˜‚ 

This serum is definitely my favourite from the 3!  I have seen an improvement in my skin tone and my acne scarring has faded which is amazing 😱.  When this finishes, I am definitely repurchasing!  I also like to use it in my hair (I don’t know if I’m supposed to but what’s the harm right?! Hehe) and it feels more silkier than normal 😊

I can’t really talk about it’s effect on wrinkles (I’m 20 ha!) but I guess I’m preventing then by using this serum as it’s packed with anti-oxidants!

Finally, let’s talk about the beauty cream.


Bettes beauty cream 50ml


I think this is the only product with some sort of preservative (all natural of course) and that’s understandable!

I was the most scared about using this cream as it seemed very thick and emollient and not a good idea for my oily skin.  I was wrong!  And again, very surprised!

I use this cream in the mornings after a quick cleanse.  I take a small amount out using the spatula provided and really massage it into my face.  My foundation went on really well on top of this so as a base, it works really well.  The most surprising thing about this cream is that IT KEEPS ME MATTE THROUGHOUT THE DAY WHAAAT?!??  πŸ˜±πŸ˜±

Guys!  It’s amazing!  How?! Why?! Huh?! Coconut oil and cocoa butter seems like the worst ingrediets to put on oily skin but this works! I’m still surprised 😍😍 love love love! 

This also leaves a lovely glow and leaves my face feeling soft and supple ❀️ perfect. Couldn’t ask for more in a cream 😊

These products range from Β£12 to Β£21 if my conversions are right.  So they are slightly more expensive than your average drugstore lotions and potions but I think it’s fabulous value for money!  The concentrations and potencies of the ingredients are something you aren’t going to find in a lot of products and the expiry date is ~6 months but these products will definitely make a difference to your skin straight away!  As Mette says herself, there’s a sprinkle of modern witchcraft in these products ❀️

I would highly recommend checking these awesome products out if you’re looking for skincare that packs a punch πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

I really hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the products please feel free to ask. 🌿🌹

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

ibeautytalk ❀️❀️❀️