My Beauty Wish List! ❤️

Hey gorgeous people!

How are you all on this chilly evening? 🌹

I’m trying to make the most out of blogging before my hectic life starts again next week 😊  

Today I wanted to do something fun and different.  A Beauty Wish List!!  I thought it would be a nice idea since christmas is just around the corner (so pay attention peeps!😉😉😉)

So let’s get right into it then!


 I’m always searching for a primer to beat the current ones I’m using and I’ve heard some awesome stuff about this primer from a lot of my favourite beauty gurus.  I have an extremely oily t-zone so anything that will even remotely help the oiliness…I will try to get my hands on 😉

You guys know I’m a MAC lipstick junkie 😭  I NEED MORE!  The shades I have my eyes on include taupe (a lovely reddy brown), creme in your coffee (deep rosey brown) and syrup (a beautiful purpley pink in a lustre finish).


I saw Manny Mua use a Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liner in the shade 2c (a gorgeous rosey mauvey browney shade) and I thought to myself: I need me some of that!  I’m obsessed with rosey brown colours right now ❤️


Some more MAC lip products.  The standard lip pencils.  These shades were all out of stock when I went so I’m hoping I am luckier this time 😫



GUYS! 😱 I literally just discovered essence and I am IN LOVE!  I picked up two lipsticks yesterday and they are definitely on the way to becoming a firm fave.  I plan to pick up some of the lip liners (satin mauve, honey bun and in the nude) and the matte effect lip glosses (keep an eye out for a post 😉).


Can you tell I like lipsticks? 😳

I really like the look of these Stila Liquid Lipsticks and the shades Patina, Dolce and Amore are calling my name.. 😍😍.  If I can’t have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks then I’ll pick up the next best thing 😌



I need the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette 😭.  Everyone on youtube raves about this stuff and I don’t own a decent contour kit yet 🌹 
This is the Morphe 35O palette which was out of stock for the longest time!  Just look at it! 😍. It’s a thing of beauty my friends.  Manny Mua introduced me to Morphe Brushes and I fell in love with the colour ranges of their eyeshadow palettes!  It’s such a shame that shipping to the UK is so expensive 😪


I am so proud of Jaclyn Hill and her collab with BECCA cosmetics!  Champagne Pop looks amazing and Jaclyn uses it in in all of her videos and she sparkles like a glitter ball dammit 😍

Aaaand finally.  Cup o’ Coffee fresh face mask by Lush.  My skin is being neglected whilst at uni so I definitely need a quick ‘pick me up’ item and this looks perfect!  I love all the fresh face masks by lush ❤️
And that is the end of my (I hope it wasn’t too long?!) beauty wishlist.  Of course I had a truck load of other items I would have added but I didn’t want to bore you 😂.  As you can see I am a lipstick junkie and my friends are always telling me off 😢

I really hope you enjoyed this post ❤️

What items are on your wishlist?  I’d love to know 😄

Have a nice day everyone!

ibeautytalk 🌹



44 thoughts on “My Beauty Wish List! ❤️

  1. No Size Two says:

    A girl can NEVER have too much make up. Well that is my excuse anyway 😉 On my list: definitely the Kat von D kit and the Essence lip liners. I hear everyone is raving about them. I use their glosses and lipstick and they are quite good, but not so long wearing (for me anyway). Hope some of the wishlist items move to the “cart/check out” soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thestylepaletteblog says:

    Hey lovely! It’s very cold here too 🙈 I absolutely love the MAC lipstick shades and the coffee face mask from Lush, that looks incredible! I never knew about that so thanks babe 🙂 ~ S x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kelifornia79 says:

    The MUF Matte Primer is definitely a must! I’ve not found a better option for keeping 100% oil free and your makeup is going nowhere! I save it for days where I want an absolute perfect look though…b/c you can definitely ‘feel’ you are wearing something pretty serious. haha. It’s totally worth it though! The Stila lippies are great as well…and though I was a little late to the Becca bandwagon, as I thought they were likely hyped up a bit; they really are amazing and once I started I couldn’t stop. I absolutely love the Becca Backlight primer. It gives your skin a glow like no other even after applying your makeup over the top of it! Love the Mac lipstick shades you picked too!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • ibeautytalk says:

      Oooh wow fabulous! Can’t wait to purchase it! I’m forever looking for a primer than can deal with my oily skin and hopefully this will be the one! *fingers crossed*
      I’ve heard great things about the Becca primer as well! I think I saw jaclyn Hill use it in one of her videos and she had this amazing glow as soon as she put it on!
      Thanks for your in depth comment hun! Much appreciated! 😘😘 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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