MAC ‘Twig’ review and swatches πŸ’œ

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Hope everyone is doing great.  Summer is well and truly over here in England and it’s definitely more chilly!  Brrrr ❄️ So it’s out with the summer wardrobe and makeup and in with the thick jumpers and jeans (my favourite kinda clothes πŸ˜‰)

I thought I would wrap up the MAC ‘autumn/fall’ lipstick reviews in this post and hopefully I’ll be doing a winter one soon (let me know if you want any specific brands!). 

I have saved my favourite MAC lippie shade  of all time till last!  And it’s a good one 😍

The shade that I’ll be talking about today is called ‘Twig‘.  I feel like this shade is perfect for those of you who aren’t yet daring enough to wear the dark vampy shades that go with autumn/fall.  It’s a very ‘comfortable’ shade and easy to wear, yet noticeable.

I would describe this shade as a brownish mauvey pink, in a satin (almost matte) finish.  This is definitely a colour that ladies of all skin colours can pull off and it’s so creamy and long wearing 😍


MAC twig

If you’re struggling to find a lipstick shade to wear, twig would be perfect as it completes every look.  I think of the ‘Kylie Jenner lip’ when I wear this shade (for reference, I am around an NC40).  I can wear this without a lipliner and don’t experience any feathering, as with many MAC lipsticks.


Twig swatch


Twig (satin) lipstick swatch on lips


Agghh i just love this shade so much!  I’m a mauvey kinda gal so this makes me extremely happy πŸ˜‚  it’s my perfect shade and I’m always reaching for it.  

  • Creamy and long wearing
  • Don’t need a lipliner
  • Gorgeous stain
  • Good colour pay off
  • Suits every skin tone
  • Perfect neutral shade


  • Pricey
  • Hard to get hold of sometimes (where I live anyway)

To conclude, I will definitely be repurchasing this shade in the future and dare I say it… I think this is my most favourite and beloved lipstick of all time!  Long Live twig!  I will be on the lookout for similar shades, and if anyone does know of some good dupes, let us know πŸ˜„ 

I hope you have enjoyed this little MAC series!  Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to see in future.  Any comments/questions will be much appreciated 😊

Hope you all have a lovely evening!

ibeautytalk πŸ’‹



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