Mac ‘Mocha’ Lipstick Review and Swatch! 

Hey there gorgeous people!  Welcome back to ibeautytalk ❤️

Summer is nearly gone (had about 2 hours of summer here in England LOL!) and Autumn approaches.  It’s my favourite season of the year and has me experimenting with much more braver makeup styles.  I don’t know what it is about Autumn but I feel everyone rocks their makeup so I can’t wait! 😉

Today I’m going to be reviewing a second MAC lipstick, in the shade ‘Mocha‘.  Again, like the shade Amorous in my last post, this is a satin finish lipstick and retails at £15.50. 

I was actually recommended this lipstick shade by a friend who said it would suit those with a warm undertone to their skin.  I’m so glad I trusted her and bought it!  It really is a lovely everyday colour.

MAC mocha lipstick (satin)

Mocha is described as a peachy yellow/orange brown and would work as a lovely nude and earthy lipstick for those with medium to dark skin.  It is a satin finish and feels/looks almost matte on the lips.  It is opaque and true to its colour, so I wouldn’t worry if you have pigmented lips as the colour shows up very well. 
Being a olive skinned gal with very yellow undertones, I find it extremely difficult to find nude lipsticks that don’t wash me out and make it look like I have concealer on my lips (we don’t want that do we?!).  So, when I bought Mocha i was pleasantly surprised to find it really complemented my skin well and didn’t wash me out (woopee!), unlike velvet teddy which, unfortunately washes me out during the summer months when I tan. 

‘Mocha’ swatch in natural light

As you can see, Mocha is almost a ‘my lips but better’ shade.  I find this lipstick to be a TINY bit drying after a while, so a lip balm underneath would be great for me.  This is quite long wearing (about 5-6 hours) and leaves the most gorgeous stain.  If you did want a shade a bit more darker or browner, I would recommend Mac ‘Taupe‘.  


‘Mocha’ in artificial lighting

In artificial lighting, this shade looks so amazing and effortless!  It really is my holy grail nude lipstick, and goes well with a heavy look or even a touch of highlighter and peachy coloured blush.  If you’re in a rush in the morning and don’t have time to put any makeup on, a swipe of this will really polish you up and brighten your face.   

I really am falling more and more in love with MAC lipsticks everyday.  They have so many shades to suit any skintone!  Plus they smell incredible 🙂


  • Long wearing
  • Smell amazing
  • Good colour pay off
  • Won’t wash you out
  • Not too drying
  • Don’t need a lipliner
  • Classy packaging


  • Price (as always)

So, if you have a warmer undertone and find nude lipsticks just wash you out, I can’t recommend this lipstick enough! It would be perfect.  I think this lipstick would suit most skintones, but for a warmer complexion, Mocha is a must and I find it to be very underrated.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  Please feel free to ask any questions 😄

See you very soon loves,

ibeautytalk 💕



MAC ‘Amorous’ lipstick review + swatch 💜

Hey there lovely people,

Hope you’ve all had an amazing Monday so far.  I know I have!  Makeup shopping is by far my most favourite activity  😉

Today I went to a MAC counter and picked up three satin lipsticks.  I wanted to get some lovely shades for Autumn/fall.  Autumn time is my favourite time for wearing a bold vampy lip and I think anyone can pull it off!

The shades I picked up were Twig, Mocha and Amorous, which retail at £15.50 each.  I will be swatching the previous two in a later post and today want to focus on Amorous 💋


MAC satin lipstick in Amorous


I absolutely adore the chic, black matte packaging of mac lipsticks.  Simple, stylish and functional. 

I would describe this shade as a deep plum with a hint of brown.  The satin finish lipsticks by mac are my favourite.  They are opaque, moisturising and true to their colour.  I feel this shade would suit almost any skin tone.  I myself have an olive, tanned compexion and so prefer colours like Amorous against my skin.  

 I find this lipstick looks different in various lighting.  For example, in natural light this colour on me is a very vibrant berry colour, however in artificial lighting, it almost looks as though it is a neutral, deep mauve.   I love that about this shade!  So versatile.

I hope you’ll excuse the bad lighting in the above picture (I have yet to master the art of swatching on the lips 😉).  I applied the lipstick without a lipliner, and feel this works just fine.  I didn’t notice any feathering throughout the day which is a bonus! (I first apply a layer, blot, then add another layer).  If you have dry lips I would recommend a lip balm before application.

The texture of this lipstick is somewhat creamy, without looking shiny.  I would describe it as a semi matte finish.  After a few hours, it leaves a gorgeous, even stain.  So, great staying power!  Also, the smell is gorgeous… A lovely vanilla scent without being too overpowering. 

This shade is very buildable and can be taken from a subdued berry to an intense gothic plum shade after a few layers of application.  So, if you’re not brave enough to go all out vampy, this is the perfect plum shade to experiment with. 


  • Convenient packaging
  • Excellent colour pay off
  • Nice smell
  • Moisturising
  • No feathering/bleeding
  • No lipliner needed
  • Good staying power 
  • Leaves a gorgeous stain
  • 4.5/5


  • Pricey

I highly recommend the shade Amorous to anyone looking for the perfect autumn colour!  It will flatter most skin tones and really bring out your features.  This shade is not too dark that it can’t be worn with heavy eye makeup.  Personally, I think this with a brown smokey eye would SLAY! 😉
I will definitely be buying more mac lipstick shades and can’t wait to show you guys some swatches! 

Hope you enjoyed this review and don’t be afraid to try a lip colour you’ve never worn before this autumn/fall!  

Any questions please feel free to ask.

ibeautytalk 💋

Lush ‘Angels On Bare Skin’ Cleanser Review

Hi there beauties!

This is my first review on the blog and I can’t wait to start!  😄

As I’ve mentioned, I am obsessed with skincare and am always on the hunt for new products.  I have combination type skin with a very oily t-zone and drier cheeks.  Quite a difficult skin type to work with in my humble opinion.   My biggest skin complaint is clogged pores, especially around my nose and chin areas.  It seems as though whatever I try (even products that claim to unclog pores!) either make little difference or clog them even more!  Thankfully I have found my perfect skincare routine after years of searching high and low (I will describe my skincare routine in another post).

This is where Angels On Bare Skin by Lush comes in handy (no doubt my most favourite lush product ever!).  Lush claims that this cleanser absorbs dirt, tones and brightens the skin, leaving a lovely glow.  I agree!

This face and body cleanser is made up of all natural ingredients, some of which include:

  • Kaolin to absorb grease and dirt
  • Lavender oil and Rose absolute to calm the skin
  • Ground almonds to brighten and polish the skin

The consistency is a thick paste which may leave you asking how it works as a cleanser.      To use the product, you take a pinch of the paste and put it into the palm of your hand.  Next, add a tiny amount of water to it and mix gently to create a milky, lighter paste.   Carefully apply this onto your face or body and start working it into the skin in circular motions (I like to do this for around a minute).  Then, rinse as normal.  Voilà!

This cleanser can be a bit messy on the first few attemps and usually falls everywhere!  However, you’ll eventually get the hang of it 🙂

I was a bit hesitant at first to try products from lush as my skin is super sensitive and breaks out to most products.  Natural hasn’t always been best for my skin but I can truly say this has been a life saver!  It hasn’t broken me out once yet and leaves my face feeling so moisturised afterwards with no dryness (plus no nasty chemicals!).  I finish off with a light moisturiser afterwards such as clinique’s dramatically different moisturising gel as I don’t feel the need for a heavier moisturiser after using this cleanser.

I would recommend this cleanser in a heartbeat to anyone no matter what your skin type is.  I would say it is gentle enough to use everyday (I use it on one day and then miss a day etc).  This leaves my face with a definite glow, unclogs my pores and leaves it feeling extremely smooth and hydrated.

The only con to this product is that it doesn’t remove makeup too well.  I would describe this as an exfoliator, not a cleanser to remove makeup.  I first go in with either a micellar water or cleansing oil  to really cleanse the skin and use angels on bare skin afterwards.

Remember that Lush products do have expiry dates (I believe this can be used for 4 months). I have been using this since July and have nearly finished it.  I would also recommend a patch test first.

So will I be repurchasing?!

I will definitely be repurchasing this product again and I believe it’s worth every penny!  An absolutely amazing product from lush 😌

I hope you enjoyed this review and that I didn’t bore you!  Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated and if you would like me to review something, please feel free to ask.

Have a great day my dears!

ibeautytalk x

Hello beauties!

Welcome to ibeautytalk where I will be talking about all things beauty!

This is my first ever beauty blog so I am a bit nervous about starting.  The reason I am starting this blog is so that I can share my passion about makeup and skincare.  This blog will be a place where I can share and review products that I love with you guys.

I have loved cosmetics for as long as I can remember and am always buying and trying new things from drugstore to high end!  I am always on the internet searching for reviews on the next big revolutionary products and by doing this blog, I hope I can be of help to you beauties.

I hope to post regularly but I do have quite a busy year ahead.  I graduate next summer from university so, of course most of my time will be spent trying to get the best degree classification I can!  I’m sure you guys will be most understanding if I do happen to delay posts 🙂

As a final word, I would like this blog to be a place of positivity, empowerment and a chance to express your passion for all things beauty.  Feel free to comment when I post and if you have any requests, don’t be shy!

Hope you all have a fabulous summer and stay tuned!

ibeautytalk x